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When it comes to the ideal holiday, we all know we need one, but few of us have the time it takes to organise something extraordinary all while taking care of the finer details effortlessly. That’s exactly where the vibrant team at Amazing Holidays steps in. We provide you with an array of inclusive travel packages along with the utmost travel expertise and exceptional, friendly service. And to make things even easier, all of this can take place online.


We were brought to life by one of South Africa’s most established travel companies, Embassy Travel. This means our foundations are set in values and know-how that have been solidified over the course of 50 years. During this time, we have grown from being a simple idea, to transforming those holidays you’ve only ever dreamed of, into an amazing reality.

Contact us:

+ 27 64 754 9111 - SOUTH AFRICA



A Rewarding Company


We live by a simple philosophy – create campaigns that are rewarding for our clients, not only in terms of business but also in the experience of working with us. These campaigns are of course rewarding for customers, who get to enjoy experiences and services they really value, at a fraction of the true cost - and for our partners who benefit from new customers and increased exposure.


So wherever in the world you meet TLC - in the boardroom, on the supermarket shelves or at the end of a phone, we aim to make it an especially rewarding experience.